Riley Dexter

Rehabilitation recipient


About Riley

As locals of the community we were very appreciative of the opportunity to have support given to us by the Pohutukawa Coast Helping Hand trust after our son was struck with an unfortunate medical event.

Our 10 year old son Riley was diagnosed with a brain tumour in late 2018 which resulted in surgery and radiation and loss of some neuro functions.  The following year approached the Pohutukawa Coast Helping Hand Trust for financial support in rehabilitating and recovery for him.  We had personalised weekly sessions at our local gym made available to assist him in regaining cognitive, physical ability and balance again.  These sessions were a highlight of Riley’s week and helped him gain confidence and strength again after the traumatic medical events he had been through. 

We are extremely appreciative that we had great support and the facility available to apply to the trust.
Louise and Jamie Dexter

Riley Dexter
Riley Dexter Pohutukawa Coast Help Hand Trust
Pohutukawa Coast Heling Hand Trust Riley Dexter

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